Lost Poem

What they say is true, that love can be found

in the most unexpected places.

I met him on a roof and we gazed at

the brilliant, sparkling lights.

There were fireworks through March

next year, and they didn’t stop when we

were back on solid ground.

It was a shared affection for

coming together –  we took our

discords and arguments and made

a harmony of bodies

where similar thoughts were lacking.

April and May came around,

and there were fewer shows

of powdered lights –

a tedious haze grew, instead.

I became a smoldering mess,

not knowing what I could do to

rewind the hands of our broken clock.

The rhythms of our hearts became

an unrelated thumping.

I battled to keep yours, and you –

and you couldn’t be moved otherwise.

My heart’s infirmity grew like cancer

and invaded my mind,

and all my demons celebrated and rejoiced

that they had been released from their cages.

I had to watch as they rewired

Everything I had known in ignorance.

Then he rewrote his life without me,

while I struggled to turn the page.

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