The glory of a lazy day

20151004_104315After a delicious weekend of relaxing, it’s about time that I get this thing started. This weekend my boyfriend came to town – we live about an hour and a half away from each other. We enjoyed two of the best meals we have ever tasted together.

We also took a drive up to one of the close by lakes, and it was really a beautiful drive. It had been a really cold night, and the mountains had a dusting of snow. I thought that we would have hit snow halfway into the drive, but the snow line was higher than it seemed. As we were driving up the hill, coming around a corner, both of us were overtaken by how beautiful the view was. Low clouds covered the tops of the mountains, making a snow storm seem immanent. The trees on the lower half of the mountain were bare, which contrasted beautifully with the frosty trees above and the fall colored leaves below. I immediately pulled over and snapped a picture.

We then finished our drive to the lake and took a short walk in the chilled forest. I couldn’t believe how low the water was, and Kyle remarked that we should come camping one weekend. I had a sudden urge to start throwing rocks into the lake, and while my attempts were not very impressive, the content feeling in my chest mixed with a nostalgia for lazy days like this. I hope I have time to do it again soon.