About Me

jrpWell, hello! My name is Julia and I’m a 23 year-old surviving in small town Bozeman, MT. I graduated from Montana State University in December 2014 with a degree in English Literature. This is ulitimately my entrance into the world of online blogging, writing, and general bad-assery. As a manager at a shoe store, my creative tendencies are not really being utilized, so this is a platform for me to flex my writing muscles and have fun.

In my personal life, I enjoy all of the usual things that most people enjoy – music, reading, and long walks on the beach and through the softly lit meadow in late summer – however, I am also committed to intersectional feminism, left-wing politics, and being a sassy sasquatch.

Who knows what this blog will become, but stick around long enough, and we might just figure it out together.