Anniversary Poem

I would tell you everything,
From my first transgression to my last.
The words would explode from my mouth
like a tumbled can of beer, frothing at the seams.
They would sing you a song.
discordant notes coming together,
All to lull you into a state of ease.
I’d give you soft grey cloudbursts and cool sleep.
no dark nightmares or hardened tensions.
I would weave us a better story to live in.
Without self-righteous crowds shoving through our lives,
just bright green trees – the kinds that won’t make me sneeze –
And enough time each day for the little things –
The stuff everybody knows is important.
For you to be happy, for me to be happy.

There is a roadmap in your skin, in mine too.
I don’t know if they lead to the same place,
Or if they’re even close, but I hope that they are.
Fate is probably bullshit, yet there’s an order in chaos.
It whips us around and bends us backwards,
but there is relief in the calamity, in letting it all happen
and take you by surprise sometimes.
I couldn’t imagine a day where I couldn’t
Call out to you and find no answer,
Even if it’s through the phone.
A year is an eternity and only a flash in the pan.
And knowing you has made me feel
the earth spinning in time
in a new, better way.

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